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Orbital Facial Fractures

Dr. Stephen Chidyllo, New Jersey Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, performs Advanced Facial Reconstruction and treats complicated facial fractures, jaw fractures, orbital fractures and complex injuries which involved both and facial bones and soft tissues of this face. Contact Dr. Stephen Chidyllo and staff after a� motor vehicle accident, sports related injury or work related injury.

Dr. Stephen Chidyllo of Central New Jersey Plastic Surgery is one of a few board certified New Jersey Plastic Surgeons who has completed training in both Plastic Surgery and Dentistry. After completion of his plastic surgery residency, Dr. Chidyllo has pursued additional fellowship training in the field of Craniofacial and Maxillofacial Reconstruction of both adults and children. This additional extensive fellowship training and experience has�provided Dr. Chidyllo with the additional exposure and expertise needed�to treat complex maxillofacial and craniofacial injuries. Dr. Chidyllo is a member of the American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons, as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Some of the common facial and maxillofacial procedures performed by Dr. Stephen�Chidyllo involve the boney reconstruction of facial bone fractures (Jaw Fractures) subsequent to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Sports Related Injuries, and Workman's compensation injuries. Common surgeries performed are those related to the treatment of facial bone fractures (broken bones of the face and jaws): primary reconstruction of the maxillofacial skeleton including the: mandible (lower jaw), maxilla (upper jaw), Orbits (bones about the eyes), Zygoma (cheek bones), Frontal bones and Frontal sinus fractures (forehead) and nasal bone fractures.� Most of these injuries also involve the soft tissues of the face, skin, muscles, nerves, eyelids, lips, tongue and intraoral structures.

Dr.�Stephen�Chidyllo performs both primary (at the time of the initial injury) as well as secondary (weeks to years after the accident) Facial Bone Reconstruction. Often the facial fractures do not heal in the correct alignment resulting in either a dental deformity (crooked bite) or a dento-facial deformity ( crooked face, chin, nose or jaws). This is commonly due to scar tissue and dento-facial forces pulling on the fractured bones during the healing phase. Often it is necessary to surgically re-brake the bones to correct the deformity and rigidly fixate the broken bones into the corrected position with plates, screws, mesh and bone grafts. For additional information concerning Advanced Facial Reconstruction performed by Dr. Stephen Chidyllo review the section on this website on "Facial Reconstruction".

Patients seek Dr. Stephen�Chidyllo's expertise and services from all areas within the United States and abroad. If you are consulting with Dr. Chidyllo from out of town, you are responsible for bringing copies of all of your radiographs, either the actual films or on CD, to the initial consultation appointment.

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