Considering Cosmetic Plastic Surgery:Less is More

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery procedures have increased in numbers over the last several years due to the maturation of the “baby boomers” generation. More and more people want to age gracefully and not look for a drastic quick fix procedure when they “look old”. People are continuing to work full time longer, becoming more active socially, and have abandoned the concept of retiring to a docile lifestyle.

Unfortunately gravity is not our friend. It may keep our feet firmly planted on the planet earth, however it also puts stress and pulls all of our “body parts” downward. There has been significant research and advances in the science of anti aging, which will not be reviewed as part of the blog. Lets just say that it is accepted that a health minded lifestyle of: non-smoking, ideal weight , appropriate exercise, sleep and meditation all play a role in the aging process.

As one does age, continuous small changes, in ones appearance will assist in softening the aging process. Whether we are talking about non-surgical facial rejuvenation, mini-facelift, liposuction, mini-tummy tuck, breast lift, etc. Small changes in our appearance, either non-surgical or surgical will add years to our appearance, personality and self image. Future posts will expand on each of these areas of plastic surgery individually. Review our website at for additional information. ,


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