Motivation, Execution and Support-”The Team Approach”

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 by copywriter

Plastic surgery is not all “Nip and Tuck”; Cosmetic surgery is not a quick fix.  In order to have lasting cosmetic enhancement, one needs a combination of both external as well as internal (mental) support.  The theme of this blog is to focus on an area which is rarely discussed, “internal (emotional) support and enhancement”.

If you have been reading and following our prior month’s posts, you will recognize that we believe in a “wholelistic” approach to cosmetic surgery, external beauty and enhancement.  Cosmetic surgery cannot make a person happy who is not satisfied with themselves in life.

Motivation: One needs to be motivated or have the desire for change whether it is a small improvement concerning facial wrinkles or a larger cosmetic surgical procedure.  One must have a reason in order to move forward and seek a consultation, review your choices and make an educated decision.

Execution: My staff and I will prepare you for your procedure, the best we can. Cosmetic surgery is not a day at the “spa”.  You are not getting a haircut or a facial.  There are many issues which will be discussed with you, such as: anesthesia, scars, infection, bleeding, as well as the need for revisions if necessary. With all surgical procedures, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, one needs to recognize the possibility that the results are not exactly what you expected, and further procedures may be recommended or required.  Preparation of a patient for surgery is just as important as the procedure itself.

Support: There are few other cosmetic medical practices in which you will receive the level of support before, during, and after your procedure.  First: During your consultation you will be examined, and your past medical history reviewed extensively.  We will review any and all issues as they relate to your requested cosmetic concerns. Second: Prior to your surgery you will receive copies of all of your signed consents.  We encourage you to re-read them and contact our office immediately with any new questions or concerns. You will receive written Pre and Post operative instructions concerning what to expect, along with how to contact our office if an emergency situation should arise. Third: You will receive constant telephone support and follow up, either personally by Dr. Chidyllo or his staff during the post-operative period.  We will “hold your hand”, either literally if needed or figuratively, to help you recover from you surgery or procedure.  There is no other office that will provide the needed personal contact and support that is provided by our office and staff.

Selecting a cosmetic medical practice is not as simple as doing a “Google search”. Search for a “team approach” that will answer all of your questions at the time of your initial telephone conversation. Search for a “team approach” that gives you the necessary time required, at the time of your consultation.  Search for a “team approach” that will care for you before, during and after your surgery or cosmetic procedure. That “Team Approach” is provided by Dr. Stephen A. Chidyllo and his staff at Central Jersey Plastic Surgery.

It’s Not What You Eat…It’s What’s Eating You

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 by doctor

I am sure that you have heard this many times in the past.  When your life is going smooth, without stress or worries, it is easy to be on course for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Eating proper food, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight and enjoying your daily work schedule. Life is good!

When you have worries, and issues are “eating you”, that is when your daily healthy lifestyle goes to havoc.  You start eating unhealthy, exercise and meditating less, and one often engages in unhealthy choices such as excessive alcohol consumption, improper use of prescription medications or smoking.

As I have written in my prior months posts, the “New Year” is a time for reflection and changing ones course to a healthy and stress free life.  This is often easier “said or in this case written” than done.  My patients always say, that is easy for you to say!!  I have financial commitments, family to care for, health issues and no time for myself.

How can I start becoming a better person, living a better life, and enjoying life more? I would start by saying that it is not by shedding your responsibilities and commitment to your family, friends and career, and running away to a monastery.  It is actually the opposite!  You must become more engaged with yourself, be more involved with your inner self, and take control of your “self”.  So what is the “Self” that we are talking about?  The self can be considered ones “personality, character or nature”. It is the inner you! It is not what people see, but what you see yourself as.

By taking control of the “self” is the start to a happier life. I am not asking you to be cold, callus and unengaged with reality, I am suggesting that you actually become more engaged in what passes through between your ears.  By not allowing external images and ideas (what is eating you) take control or influence your day to day activities, will allow you to be more aware of your surroundings, and you will be able to deal with “stressors ” more effectively.

Now somewhere you must ask, why a plastic surgeon is posting about “the self and reality”.  Why are we not talking about facelifts, tummy tucks and liposuction?  The reason is simple….Your look and your appearance is a reflection of your inner self.  If you are a happier person, your outer self will be more radiant.