Don’t “Try”…..Do!!!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014 by doctor

Well the New Year is upon us and we are all writing down our resolutions. Those of you, who read our last Blog, remember there is no guarantee that our lives or situations will change, just because the calendar does. We all have to be proactive and make it happen!  One of my good friends brought a new light on this issue by removing the word “Try” from her vocabulary and her life.

I needed to think about this issue further, and the word “try” before sitting down and writing this Blog. Let us start by looking at the definition of the word “try”…”to make an attempt”. So now let us look at the definition of the word “ attempt”…”attempt implies making an essentially single effort, and usually suggests failure” So therefore we can surmise that “try implies an attempt leading to failure”.

Why would anyone want to start out with an attempt at failure.  Let us start out, with the idea of succeeding and obtaining a successful result. Nike, the inventor of the world famous “Swoosh” campaign, marketed the term “Just Do it”! Let’s look at the definition of “Do”…to perform, execute and successfully finish”. Whether it is sports, business or in life, this holds true.

Now knowing this minutia, you can understand why, as my friend said, don’t try,  just do.  Don’t attempt failure…perform, execute and be successful. This is how we need to approach and welcome the coming of the New Year.  It is not that easy, but it is a start.  We need to set and center our mind on success. Many have written on the power of positive thinking; however this is even simpler than that. Eliminate one word from your life (try). From the moment you wake up in the morning, to time you go to sleep. Believe and focus on success and not failure, and you will notice a gradual change in your life and how people perceive you as being successful.

Would you want your plastic surgeon to “try” to perform an operation or cosmetic procedure? I don’t think so!  Dr. Stephen Chidyllo and his staff at Central Jersey Plastic Surgery all strive for success. We Do!