A New Year, Doesn’t Guarantee a New You

With the coming of the years end, we all have a chance to reminisce and review the past year and life, along with plans for the future.

We  do this both consciously and sub-consciously. “Eat Healthier, Loose Weight, Spend less Money, Stop Smoking, Exercise More, and Find a New Job”.

We need to look at the coming of the New Year not as an isolated event, time or date when some miraculous vision or miracle is going to occur. This time of the year should rather be viewed as a growth process in which we can make small changes in our life, re-direct our goals, and review our priorities.  Everyone needs a plan, with both short and long term goals.

Some short term goals include: Eat Healthy, Walk Daily, Pray or Meditate, Be Kind to Others, Be Thankful for What Your Have, Start looking for a new job. Some Long term goals include: Loose Weight, Spend Less Money, Stop Smoking, and Career Change. You have heard it many times; you need to crawl before you can walk. Don’t obsess with the big picture of loosing 20 pounds, look at the smaller daily picture, and loose one pound a week!!

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can be looked at in a similar fashion. Cosmetic surgery is not a “Quick Fix”, to try and change a body feature you are unhappy with. It is not New Years day in which you wake up and it is a new year. Plastic Surgery is more of a “refinement process” in which we can make small changes in your appearance or body contour. Whether you are considering non-invasive treatment such as dermal fillers, or cosmetic surgical procedures such: facelift, eyelid surgery or cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. Stephen Chidyllo, at Central Jersey Plastic Surgery, always feels that “less is more” and plans for a gentle enhancement of your natural body features.

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